Resolving the Lazada Store Creation Error: How Fairmart Can Help Sellers Overcome API Connection and Access Restrictions

Understanding the Challenge:

The error message indicates that the user's seller account fails to meet Lazada's API eligibility criteria. This is primarily based on Lazada's policies, which underwent changes on December 2, 2022, to ensure the orderly operation and protection of the Lazada Open Platform. Sellers operating on the Lazada Singapore platform must fulfill the following conditions to gain authorization for Lazada API access:

  1. Completion of the seller onboarding process on the Lazada platform.
  2. Status as either a LazMall Seller or a non-LazMall Seller with a dedicated Lazada Key Account Manager.

Consequences of the Error:

When sellers encounter the aforementioned error, their only option to add products to their Lazada store is through manual methods, as their API access is blocked. This manual approach can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human error. It inhibits seamless product synchronization across multiple marketplaces and limits the scalability of the seller's business.

The Recommended Solution:

To make it easier to unblock and fix the problem of creating a store on Lazada, we suggest working with Fairmart. Fairmart is a reliable online shopping platform that can help simplify the process of granting access to Lazada's API. By partnering with Fairmart, store managers can concentrate on their main business tasks instead of dealing with the complicated requirements for API access.

Benefits of Fairmart:

  1. Streamlined API Access: Fairmart assists store managers in obtaining the necessary authorization for accessing Lazada's APIs, ensuring seamless integration with the platform. By partnering with Fairmart, store managers can unlock the potential for automatic product synchronization and other essential e-commerce functionalities.
  2. Simplified Market Expansion: By becoming a Fairmart customer, store managers gain access not only to Lazada but also to numerous other popular marketplaces. Fairmart simplifies the process of listing and managing products across multiple platforms, enabling store managers to reach a broader customer base without the hassle of individual platform integrations.
  3. Efficient Product Synchronization: Fairmart's advanced synchronization capabilities allow store managers to manage inventory, pricing, and product information across different marketplaces through a centralized dashboard. This automation reduces the risk of errors and saves valuable time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product data across all platforms.


The "4151 E500" error on Lazada can significantly impede store managers from effectively utilizing Lazada's API for store management. However, by partnering with Fairmart, store managers can simplify the process and regain easy access to marketplaces like Lazada. Fairmart streamlines the authorization process, eliminating the need for store managers to navigate complex eligibility criteria or spend time contacting Lazada for unblocking. To overcome the Lazada store creation error and accelerate your e-commerce business growth, consider partnering with Fairmart as your preferred solution provider.

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