Product Updates - Manage your store on mobile 📲 + Vend Integration 🖥️

Customer feedback is a constant source of inspiration for us at Fairmart and a common theme we hear is that no one enjoys updating inventory. And shoppers #1 complaint is out of stock items. 

That’s why Fairmart is integrating with POS systems to automatically update inventory levels to Fairmart. And we’re starting with Vend - an industry leader in POS software. If you’re a Vend customer, you can get early access to our Fairmart app today by signing up here

Fairmart + Vend = Two peas in a pod

Many store managers are on the move and don’t have the time to sit down behind a computer to manage order updates. That’s why we’ve revamped your Fairmart admin page for mobile first. You can now quickly manage orders, update product availability, pricing, and store settings all from your mobile! 

Update orders on mobile

Product collections are now much faster to setup - just choose a name of the collection and you can add multiple products all at once! Fairmart stores using collections have on average a +16% higher conversion rate, making it a quick way to improve your store’s performance. Set yours up today to drive sales! 

Try adding collections to your Fairmart page

These are just the highlights and there’s a lot more going on under the hood, including: 

- Shoppers can now sign up to Fairmart via their social media profiles

- Products in cancelled orders will be returned to inventory 

- Invoicing system has been completely overhauled with account statements and new payment options 

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