Product Update: Collections 👚 + Improved Payments 💳

We got two hot new product updates for you this month with Product Collections and Improved Payments!

1. Product Collections

Many shoppers start their shopper journeys looking for inspiration, with general searches such as 'best gifts for mum'. Shoppers here are looking for ideas but they don't have specific items in mind. This is where product collections come in!

Organizing your products into collections allows shoppers to be inspired by all the products you have in store. They also give shoppers a quick overview of the general categories of products you carry.

Creating product collections is simple via your store admin panel where you can set specific categories and add relevant products as needed.

Want to see them live? Just refresh your Fairmart page and they'll be live instantly!

GIF showing how collections work
Organizing products into collections allows shoppers to quickly discover what you have in store


2. Improved payments

Our improved payments greatly simplify changes to orders or refunds. All payments will now be done as hold payments instead of being charged immediately. This gives store managers time to contact customers if any changes are needed to the orders. This is great for shopper as any changes in payments are returned to them much more quickly than a complete charge and refund.

Improved payments are implemented automatically. If an order needs to be cancelled, just update the order status on your Fairmart admin panel and the rest is taken care of. You now no longer have to process refunds separately on Stripe!

Want all the details?

Head over to our Help Center where you can find a step by step guide to using these features.