Product Update: We Pay You Faster! 🏎️

Our engineers have been hard at work at the Fairmart Lab to get several key improvements out to you: 

Get paid faster: Merchants will now get funds paid out immediately once order status is updated from ‘Received’ to ‘Fulfillment’.

Quick customer contact: Customer contact details are now listed under each order, making it simple to contact them quickly. 

Contact customers quickly from their orders

Improved email reminders: Orders not updated in 5 days will now be listed as ‘Expiring’, meaning they will be refunded in 48 hrs. This allows merchants to quickly identify which orders need attention. More details on how payments work here.

Clearer delivery times:
Shoppers now see delivery costs and times on the product view, reducing inquiries to merchants regarding delivery times. 

Delivery options are now clearly displayed for each product 

Want all the details? 

Head over to our Help Center where you can find a step by step guide to using these features.