GogoPrint: Tips on Effectively Launching a New Business in Singapore

This is a guest blog written by our partners GogoPrint.

Singapore may be a small island, but the country has a lot of opportunities to offer. It is multicultural and known as the most advanced country in the world in terms of technology and businesses. As such, there are numerous advantages to running a business in Singapore, but introducing and launching it is challenging.

Once you are done with all the paperwork and other legal formalities in setting up your business, it is time to think about how to properly market it and make it profitable. To get the word out about your new venture, you'll need to advertise your brand and use cost-effective strategies, and this is what this article will cover! We will discuss five efficient strategies to launch your new business in Singapore.

Understand Your Target Audience 

First thing first, what products are you offering? Who do they cater to? For example, if you want to sell baby products, you need to design ads that target a certain demographic, particularly women who are 25 years old and above since they are most likely moms who have babies.

Although targeting a certain audience may appear restrictive, it does not imply that those who do not meet your criteria would be excluded. When you know who your target market is, you can focus your marketing efforts and expenses on the people who are most likely to buy from you. You'll be able to generate business leads in an efficient and economical manner this way. 

Engage With Your Local Community

One of the most effective approaches to building local brand awareness is to register your business in local directories.  You may begin by registering on websites such as Google. 

You may also seek local events, gatherings, and activities where you can promote your business. Likewise, you can provide sponsorships at such community events in exchange for brand exposure via flyers or posters. Another approach to attract potential buyers to know about your business is to give out free samples like stickers.

Take steps to organize presentations and conversations on topics that are important to your business and/or industry. This might help you establish yourself as a knowledgeable source in the field.

Invest in Digital Marketing

According to current data, 84% of Singapore's population is online, and you can leverage your business by listing your products on different platforms.

Establishing an internet presence is that it helps you to advertise your business at a minimal cost. Begin by building a website and social media accounts for your company. You must optimize your website for search engine rankings in order to improve your online visibility. To rank at the top of search engine platforms such as Google and to get noticed, use appropriate SEO tactics. You may also use third-party product listing services to boost sales and make your inventories searchable on the World Wide Web.

Don’t Forget about Print Marketing

Print Marketing is one of the oldest and most low-cost marketing channels, especially if you have a physical store to promote, like a restaurant, a cafe, or a clothing shop. Start by dressing up your store with window stickers. A great way to also showcase your business is by having name cards. These small printed papers are handy and useful, especially for networking.

Then, why not integrate both digital and print marketing techniques by adding QR codes that direct to your website on your printed collaterals. For your flyer printing, sticker printing, and name card printing needs, it's worth considering taking it to a trusted printing company in Singapore, like OnTimePrint and HelloSticker

A great way to also showcase your business is by having name cards. These small printed papers are handy and useful, especially for networking.

Don’t be Afraid of Feedback and Collaborations

Consumers also trust a business and are most likely to buy a product if it is raved online or by word of mouth. Ask your customers to leave a review about your products. Remember that good feedback has a big influence on your audience. You can also collaborate with influencers for reviews and giveaways.


The early phases of a business are the most difficult. You need to raise market presence and do so on a shoestring budget. To accomplish this, you'll need to use a combination of online and offline marketing techniques, as well as tactics to enable you to keep on top of your game.