7 Must-Have Bike Accessories if you're new into cycling

When I first got into cycling, I was totally overwhelmed by all the different accessories out there. While there is a TON of stuff you can get for your specific bike, its always good to start with some basics first. Read on for your 7 basic must have bike accessories for new cyclists!

1. Cateye - USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight AMPP800

Cateye usb rechargeable bike headlight ampp800
Cateye - AMPP800 USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight

First: I refer to it as the holy grail of safety when it come to night riding! It's important to be visible to cars as well other cyclists. With products like this on market, we really have no excuse for not being visible on a road. It’s suitable for all types of bicycles and is especially handy as it comes rechargeable battery.

2. Finish Line WET Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish Line WET Bicycle Chain Lube 2oz Drip Squeeze Bottle
Finish Line WET Bicycle Chain Lube 2oz Drip Squeeze Bottle

I’ve been using this chain lubricant for about a year now and I think it’s brilliant! Although I’ve tried and tested numerous higher end products, this chain lube from Finish Line is the one I always end up going back to. Even with full coverage it still feels that the chain is fully protected wet or shine.

3. DMR V11 Composite Pedals

DMR v11 composite pedals
DMR v11 composite pedals

A friend from local bike store recommended this pedals to me and I love it! It comes in many colours - red, blue, classic black and with a large platform area 105mm x 105mm it really gives you a stability when riding trails.

4. LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Bicycle Tail Light

Lezyne strip drive bicycle tail light
LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Bicycle Tail Light

This Lezyne bike light comes with 300 Lumens, 53 hours of runtime and is a USB Rechargeable! What can be better than that? It’s also waterproof which makes it the perfect for our Singaporean climate during the raining season!

5. Finish Line Shop Quality Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Finish Line Shop Quality Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Finish Line Shop Quality Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Cosmetic chain cleaning with a cloth or water spray isn't going to do any good. What happens is that the grit gets inside on the pins and rollers doesn't get cleaned out. Moreover, grit on the outside of the chain is gets washed inside. To properly clean a chain, you can only do it when you take it off the bicycle and in a bath. This way you can get all the grit out. When you cant do this, well this pro chain cleaner helps do the job! You run your chain through it and the internal wheels do a good job of getting all the grit out.

6. LEZYNE Grip Drive HV Pump

lezyne grip drive pump
LEZYNE Grip Drive HV Pump

Two things you never want to be caught without when you're riding off road: a tire repair kit and a hand pump to get you going again. This one is perfect for the job as its highly portable and can deliver high pressures needed to get smooth rides. Indispensable tool for any new cyclist out there.

7.  Finish Line Citrus Bicycle Degreaser  

finish line bicycle degreaser
Finish Line Citrus Degreaser Bicycle Degreaser, 12-Ounce Aerosol Spray

Regular bike maintenance is vital to keeping your bicycle in proper working condition. Many new cyclists assume that all you have to do is to regularly lubricate you chain. And while you definitely want to do that, it is important that you degrease your chain before you lubricate it. The reason for this is that dirt and grit build up on your chain with the existing lubricant. Degreaser helps to pull all that off so that you have a completely clean chain. Then you apply the lubricant of choice. No cyclist should be without a good can of degreaser for that regular maintenance.